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Introduction to CORBA ® using SANKHYA Varadhi

This training module, provides the C/C++ programmer a comprehensive introduction to CORBA using SANKHYA Varadhi.


  • Exposure to object-oriented concepts
  • Knowledge of C/C++ Programming

The training module builds on your existing C++ programming knowledge and using a step-by-step process, introduces the concepts of distributed computing and CORBA.

CORBA ® Application Development using SANKHYA Varadhi

This training module is focused on developers who want to develop non-trivial CORBA based distributed applications. Using real-life examples, the session provides a quick and effective way to understand and implement applications using various Common Object Services.


Familiarity with simple CORBA programming using an object-oriented language like C++ or Java.

Introduction to Web Services

This module provides software developers and architects a basic to intermediate level training on the technologies used in Web Services. The course also provides a practical insight into Web Services application development and deployment.


  • Basic knowledge of C++ or Java
  • Basic knowledge of HTML

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